Nokia 3310 ‘Now Shipping’ but No One Knows Where

nokia 3310

Nokia has announced that its much-awaited Nokia 3310 (2017) feature phone has finally started shipping but if you are wondering where to, you are in the same position as we are right now. The company has not announced the region or country where it has started the shipments of these feature phones and it seems like more information will only be made available over the next few weeks. In any case, we can expect more information on Monday, when HMD Global’s Chief Product Officer is holding an event in New Delhi.

In the short video clip shared by the company, the Nokia 3310 (2017) says “I’m coming” and that it has started shipping. However, in response to viewers’ query about the availability of the device and where it has started shipping, the company was found to be dodging the main question and thanking users for their continuous support.

The closest that the company came to answering the question about availability of the new Nokia 3310 was when it responded to a query by saying, “We will be releasing our products globally in the next few months, stay tuned to our page for further announcements.”

One of the disappointed fans who complained about the continuous delay of the feature phone’s release got this reply from the company: “We are committed to producing high quality phones which takes time to manufacture. They will be coming soon and they will be worth the wait. If you wish to discuss this any further please send a direct message.”

It seems like the company is trying to develop more hype around the already popular phone, which managed to steal the limelight from some of the premium smartphones earlier this year when it was launched at MWC 2017. Notably, HMD Global, the company that owns rights to manufacture and sell Nokia phones, has teased the launch of new Nokia phones at an event on Monday.

Earlier today, we reported that Nokia has confirmed launch plans for the Nokia 3310 (2017), and other new Nokia Android phones and that according to the company, the new Nokia phones will be launched globally in “May-June.”


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