Reliance Jio DTH registration spam in Whatsapp: Beware of it


Beware of fake messages flowing in Whatsapp.

Like everything else, the fake messages are flowing online regarding the Jio DTH registration in order to misguide the users. Some hackers are trying to make some money from it even before the company announces this service in India. So, beware of any such fake messages you receive about the registration of this service.

Now, such spam messages are getting circulated in WhatsApp stating that Jio DTH registrations have already started by the company. There is no official announcement by the company yet about this matter. So, if you have received any such Whatsapp message, then it is better to ignore.

If you are worried about how this message looks like, then read this article further. The hackers send a message which asks the user to redirect to Once you enter this page, it asks you to book for Jio DTH service in advance and states that this pre-booking will end on 31st May 2017.

You can find this statement on the website, “Get FREE Jio DTH HD Set Top Box with Jio Broadband connection for 6 Months and more than 440 Channels totally free. After that, there are monthly charges about Rs 180.”

If you go ahead and fill the pre-booking form, it will ask you to share the page on eight WhatsApp Groups for the purpose of verification. This type of spams are common nowadays. Recently, even the Google Docs had to face a phishing attack where hackers were able to access users data without any login or password details.

Since it is difficult to end such spams all of a sudden, at least it is preferred to stay alert from such attacks.


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