First Day of Period Leave for Women Goes Viral

the petition addressed to Maneka Gandhi and Prakash Javadekar has received 29,000 signatures so far.


“It’s no secret that period cramps are the worst, but over the years women have had to show up at work and mask their pain with silly excuses,” the petition adds.

The plea was prepared by digital media outlet Culture Machine and it adds, “Recognizing this pain and the taboo around it, Culture Machine Media Pvt. Ltd. has initiated a leave policy, called First Day of Period (FOP) Leave, as a part of which women can take a leave on the first day of their period, which is when the pain is usually the worst.”

“We, the women at Culture Machine’s Blush, have the privilege, if we may call it that, to apply for a leave on the day when the discomfort is unmanageable, no questions asked. Now, we want the rest of the women in India to have the same right. We want them to be able to avail an FOP Leave because there is no need to justify that horrendous period pain,” says the petition.

“For this to happen, we implore the women and men to sign this petition so that we can take this message to the Ministry of Women and Child Development and also to the Ministry of Human Resource Development,” it says.

Click here to sign this petition :


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