9 Unknown Facts About Parkinson’s Disease

With the help of the Parkinson’s disease Foundation, we have got for you the top nine facts about the Parkinson’s disease.

parkinson's disease facts

Although the Parkinson’s disease was discovered much earlier, people hardly knew about this disease. Thanks to so many awareness programs that happened and is still happening and few films that choose this disease as the subject.

So, let me just elaborate it a bit. What is it? What happens?

The Facts

With the help of the Parkinson’s disease Foundation, we have got for you the top nine facts about the Parkinson’s disease. So, let’s get started and unwrap each fact one by one.

  1. It is a Movement Disorder

Parkinson’s disease is often called as a neurodegenerative disease where the cells are solely responsible for the production of dopamine that is dying in the substantia nigra, which is in the brain. Dopamine is vital for transmitting signals straight from the brain to the other essential parts of the body.

  1. Who found this disease?

Parkinson’s disease was found by a British Surgeon Dr. James Parkinson in the year 1817.

  1. How much population comes under the radar of this disease?

In the U.S, around 1 million populations have the Parkinson’s disease and there are around 50,000 cases of Parkinson’s disease diagnosed each year.

  1. Most of the people who suffer from this disease are middle-aged

The average age of a patient who is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease is 56 years old. Out of the total percentage level, around 4% of the people get diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease before the very age of 50. And, it is surely some rare cases when anyone has Parkinson’s disease before the age of 40.

  1. When is this disease thought as a young-onset Parkinson’s disease?

Considerably below the age of 40, the Parkinson’s disease is known as the young-onset Parkinson Disease. The youngest one who got in the traps of the Parkinson’s disease was a 12-year old patient.

  1. Diagnosing Parkinson’s disease

At present, there is no such scan or blood test which can cure the Parkinson’s disease. However, doctors look for the following symptoms before reaching a diagnosis treatment:

  • Tremors
  • Rigid wrist and elbow points
  • Unstable Posture
  • Lack or even slowness of the movement
  1. Parkinson’s disease affects men to a considerable extent

This disease affects men at a double rate than it affects women on a scalable basis.

  1. There is no known cause for Parkinson’s disease

At present, there is no known cause for this disease but a family history can uplift your chances in coming to a trap of this disease.

Researchers believe that the environmental factors such as smoking, heavy metals, medication does enable the deep brain stimulation and can be the root causes of this disease.

9. There is a correlation between Parkinson’s disease and depression

Dopamine is often taken with mood as well as other movements. Around half of the Parkinson’s disease patients do suffer from severe depression and around 45% suffer from anxiety attacks.

While there is no cure for this disease, diagnosis and then a regular follow-up can help the patients cope up with the symptoms.


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