The Indestructible Rise Of The Story Format In Social Media

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the story format in social media

With time, there have been different versions of the adaptations of stories and the change seems to be fine with the people. The best part is that there is even a special visibility feature that allows you to visit the posts more frequently. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Prior, it was quite difficult to examine the business model and how the networking looked like. Rewinding in the year 2013, Snapchat made its way into the social media trends, and its new format of sharing pictures was a huge hit overnight. Also, its everlasting feature, the SnapChat stories was nothing less than a clear blow for any other social media company.

Modern-Age View

Taking you to the present, we are much familiar with such format in the current date. As of now, almost every social media app has a similar type of story format where people can share their emotions in a more profound manner. WhatsApp Story Status, Youtube Reels, Skype Highlights, Facebook Stories, you name it and these apps have included that particular feature with a lot more perfection.

Now, since the existence of the story format, businesses have found a new way to hinder the latest trends and visualize their product in a better way. Most of the brands, all over the world, are promoting their products with the help of such story formats. With this feature availability, they are having a greater revenue generation and are becoming a huge success in this competitive marketing world.

Here is how the addition of stories helping businesses to relate to more followers:

Relatable and Raw Posts

With the help of stories, businesses all over the world are able to share their policy and further convey their brand beliefs in an affirmative manner. Also, plenty of the businesses are beginning to post in real time where they can get live feedback on their products too often.

Brand Storytelling

Currently, nearly two-thirds of the businesses are running certain types of the online influence programs which are portraying their brands in a much bigger way. Such brands are Nike, Fiji, Sprite and plenty more are participating in this brand storytelling race.

Wrapping things up,

All we can say here is, when it comes to the present scenario of the story format, there seems to be no stoppage for it on social media as it is trending in the current date. To be honest, as long as it may serve to the potential businesses and to other social sectors, such thing will rule the social media apps, without any doubt, whatsoever!


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