Top 4 Places To Visit In Bangalore!

Bangalore is indeed special with various activities to do and along with it the chanting of “Namma Bengaluru” enriches you to an extent. You feel a part of this city inside once you land there!

bengaluru city

Planning a trip to “Bangalore”? The good news is you’re going to have some of the memorable moments of your life!

This city is indeed special with various activities to do and along with it the chanting of “Namma Bengaluru” enriches you to an extent. You feel a part of this city inside once you land there!

Go through the historical sites, visit the monuments, enjoy the beautiful weather in Bangalore, explore the streets or engage in a culinary expedition, Bangalore is home to so many things.

List of Amazing Places

So let’s narrow it down and rather plan an itinerary for you here. There is an array of points of interest in Bangalore and exploring them all becomes a Herculean task. So, here is the list that you shouldn’t miss visiting.

Bangalore Palace

You all must have heard about the Windsor Castle? This masterpiece is an inspiration from this beautiful Castle of England! Of course, the architectural pattern is very different- displaying the Tudor style of design.

Although, the towers or the interiors of this palace is elegant enough and praiseworthy; what gives it a much elegant approach is a widespread lawn and the intricate wood carvings.

The construction of this palace happened in 1887, and the person to thank here is Chamaraja Wodeyar. Explore the royalty inside the palace or experience some reel and real-life effects. Catch a glance of the royal families in real or click some pictures, which are on display there. Indeed, amazing place to be in!

National Gallery          

Moving a bit ahead on the Palace Road, this gallery is a haven for art lovers. Marked its way in the year 2009, this gallery is third of its kind after Mumbai and Delhi.

Divided into two wings- the old and the new one, the architecture of the building can take you back to the Colonial period.

While the old wing can make you a bit nostalgic, featuring the paintings from the pre-independence time, the new wing is a place for the contemporary artists. All you need to do there is capture those finest moments in your heart because the authority restricts photography!

Bannerghatta National Park

Want a bit of adrenaline rush? This can be a perfect place to rest in the lap of nature while exploring the fauna and flora, living, surrounding 25000 acres of land.

Try to spot some of the animal species such as lions, tiger, elephant etc or choose a Safari ride. Well, you can also visit the museum and can witness some of the amazing zoological exhibits

Tipu Sultan’s Palace and Fort

This palace definitely plays a very key role in giving you glimpses of the historic time. This palace underwent many phases of construction from mud to the present day Indo-Islamic design.

What we can see now, is a part of the contribution, by the son of Tipu Sultan, who completed it in 1791. Tipu Sultan was just not a great leader but showed equal respect to all religions. The Hindu Temple situated inside the fort bears testimony to this fact!

The list is never ending and the four highlighted places out of many other important ones shouldn’t be missed.

It’s transformation from palaces to pensioner’s city to that of an IT hub is truly incredible!

What makes this city so special? The people, food or the sightseeing places? Do let us know!


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