Top 4 Android Apps To Have In 2018

What are you looking for? The best android app for productivity or to transform your phone into an amazing launcher? This article will be a total savior for you!!

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Here it is!

The wait is finally over of the Best Android Apps of 2018.

Regardless of your app needs, right here, you will be amazed by our exclusive and well-researched collection of android apps. These apps will fit-in your needs perfectly and you will use them with a lot more free will and excitement. So, without any delay let’s jump into this article and discover some amazing android apps on the go.

Top Apps For Android in the Year 2018

  1. Express VPN

Price: $8.32 per Month

If you are the one who takes care of the privacy metrics, the Express VPN Android App will be a complete privacy booster for you. It will keep you completely safe on a public Wi-Fi and will surely serve as a privacy guard in any case. Talking about its functionality, it is super fast, more encrypted and provides an advanced SSL network for transferring data over the channel.

The range of service is quite wide and the VPN services are widespread in over 78 countries.

Some Exclusive Deal: When you purchase a massive 12-month plan, you will get 3 months free which is indeed a “Cool” thing.

Buy From: Google Play Store

  1. 1Weather

Price: Free / $1.99

Inevitably, 1Weather is the number one Android App as long as visualizing the weather is taken into consideration. It boasts of a sleek and a simple design which is even easy for a layman to use. Also, as an alert and with the help of this app, one can have a check on the weather for up to 12 weeks. Along with such features, you will get an enhanced widget and some weather notifications, which makes this app a complete gem.

Free Version of this app has every other feature but a premium version can remove every other ad, in the end, your choice, all right.

Buy From: Google Play Store

  1. Nova Launcher

Price: Free/ $4.99

Nova Launchers seem to be beyond imagination and that’s the reason it is on the list of our best android apps. It comes with some great list of features such as backup, unlimited themes as well as icons, tons of some great customization elements and much more.

If you choose the premium version, you can try your hands on gesture controls, unread the count badge for apps and even customize your launcher as per your wish. Well, there is not much I can say, this app excels in every criterion.

Buy From:  Google Play Store

  1. Solid Explorer

Price: Free Trial/ $1.99

File browsing is something, all of us look at. So, you might need a fantastic app from a bunch of android apps which can do such thing for you. Hence, to fulfill all your file browsing desire, Solid Explorer is the ultimate one. It features a unique material design, support for almost every cloud service, archiving support and has much more functionality.

For the trial, you can try out the free version for 14 days but as you know, this app costs $1.99, which is also quite reasonable.

Buy From: Google Play Store

Final Words,

Choosing the best android app can be quite a steep task. Hence, in the midst of the top apps for Android, let your eyes freeze on the above apps and witness your mobile usability experience rise to new heights of creativity and better functionality!


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