Some Summer Diseases And Their Wrath!

No matter where you are, the summer diseases are somehow inevitable and you can be one of its victim!

summer safety

All of us know that some diseases become certainly prominent in a specific season. As for example, we can say malaria and dengue are common diseases during the monsoon. Also, the cough and flu are common in winter. Among all, the summer diseases are the most harmful. There are several types of summer diseases.  These might range from simple diseases like rashes and sunburn to severe ones like jaundice and measles.

Watch Out For These Summer Diseases!

May and June are the hottest months in India. During these months the temperature of some places might raise around 51 degree Celsius. However, there are some regions too where summer is not that .painful. No matter where you are, the summer diseases are somehow inevitable. Below here is a list of few types of summer diseases along with their effects.

Ø Food Poisoning

One of the main causes of food poisoning is due to feasting of contaminated water or food. Food poisoning actually spreads by chemicals, bacteria, and viruses. Such toxins, after entering the body of the human, cause many problems. The problems might range from stomach pain to diarrhea and vomiting.

Ø Heat Stroke

So, you’re experiencing headache, vomiting, cramps or dry skin on a hot sunny day? Then chances are maximum that you have been suffering from heat stroke. If you are suffering from this then the very first sign which you will experience is dizziness. Later, you might suffer from seizures, nausea etc.

But if the condition worsens then it might lead to coma. Hence, referring a doctor urgently is a necessity.

Ø Sun Burns

All of us know the threat of UV rays! The longer the exposure on your skin, the longer you will encounter with UV rays. People who have been suffering from lower level of formation of melanin are more prone to suffer from cancer. It might cause melanoma. When a part of the body is exposed to sun rays for a longer period of time then the skin might turn to red, itchy and even dry. This results in cracks. Chances are there that the victim might feel cold, nausea and vomit or sometimes experience the symptoms of flu. The sunburn treatment is efficiently done using sunscreen which has an SPF over 30. You can also take some important measures of safety to prevent the causes of summer diseases.

So, those were the few points which tell about the different summer diseases and their disastrous effects. Among all those, you should pay attention especially to sunburn treatment. Sunburn is one of the main causes of summer diseases and what may seem to be a simple thing can turn to a nasty one.

So, be safe, ensure to use protection and remain hydrated throughout!


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