Stop Settling For Less Than You Deserve…

But why is it that people chose to settle for so much less in a marriage? Well, maybe it is because they fear to be single again?

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Are you someone who is constantly settling for less in life? I get it; maybe you have a relationship where things aren’t right. But then, you are really afraid to break things off. Maybe because you think that things are going to change in some time. Maybe you think they’ll get better and start treating you the way you want.

Well, let me tell you something, that ain’t gonna happen. Also, if you want to stop settling for less in marriage, then you better do so.

Settling For Less In Any Relationship

But why is it that people chose to settle for so much less in a marriage? Well, maybe it is because they fear to be single again? Well, I am no expert in relationships but settling for less in marriage is something that I wouldn’t do. And so, shouldn’t you. I am going to help you with some tips that will help you understand the point better.

  1. Self-Awareness Is A Must

Well, self-awareness can be a lot of help in realizing what you want in your life. Also, thinking about your choices for making partners in relationships will ensure your priorities.  Reading, counseling, and blogging are a great help in this matter. Make sure that you make someone who values your personal and emotional needs, your partner.

  1. Accept Your Fear Of Single Life

Sometimes, it really helps if you understand that single life is just as normal. Maybe, you might think that you are lonely or maybe everyone else has it better. I suggest you stop comparing yourself to the others in your life. You will find your match once you are ready. Fearing the single life isn’t going to help you a lot you know.

  1. Focus On Your True Passions

It is true that everyone in this life wants somebody to love and to hold. This person would mean everything to us as they are our soul mate. But what if they don’t turn out to be the same? Well, wouldn’t it be a waste of time? Isn’t it better to focus on other things rather than this? Doesn’t mean you stop looking. But then, a break once in a while doesn’t hurt right?

I believe it was Holly Riordan that said, “Instead of searching every corner of the earth for someone you love, you should be searching for something you love. For your passion.”

These are some of the tips that you need to follow if you are settling for less in life and in relationships.  Hope you follow these tips and create a wonderful marriage.


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