Discovering The Beauty Of Mysore Palace!

In Bangalore, you may find many other fantastic places. But visiting the Mysore Palace is an experience, worth cherishing.

mysore palace

Thinking about the best weekend getaways from Bangalore? Well, Mysore Palace comes straight to the limelight. Such a place is well-known for its marvelous beauty and is still on its firm hold in the 21st century.

In Bangalore, you may find many other fantastic places. But visiting the Mysore Palace is an experience, worth cherishing. This place is also known as the Amba Vilas Palace and has its roots in the Wodeyar Family.

Are you in search of the center of Bangalore? The Mysore Palace is located exactly as you would have ever wanted. Further, it has its face straight towards the Chamundi Hills. From here, fresh air never fails to lure the visitors in any case.

Well, eager to know some more details of such a fantastic place? Let us go ahead and unveil one by one.

A Bit To Know About Mysore Palace

Mysore is one of those ancient cities which is specifically known for its great palaces. Apart from the Amba palace, there are still seven other palaces which are equally amazing. Now, talking about the Mysore Palace, it is the best of the Bangalore getaways you can ever visualize. Built by the Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV, it is one of the largest tourist spots in India.

Also, it is the endpoint of the Mysore Dasara and even the Jumbu Savari.

Best Time to Visit this Place

To be honest, you can visit throughout the year without any issue. However, it certainly remains out of bounds on certain festivals such as the Dasara and Royal family functions.

Visit The Mysore Palace To Experience The Beauty

Being one of the best Bangalore getaways, this place never fails to lure the tourists at any cost. As a part of the architecture, it has the Indo-Saracenic style one which is much marvelous. In terms of the building, it was built in the 14th Century and since then, it is standing tall with pride and comfort.

In terms of the garden, it has a large garden with 12 temples residing in it. Further, it has three entrances from where the tourist can enter this magnificent palace. For rooms, this palace has a whole variety of rooms which have some great things for tourists.

At last for wedding ceremonies, the Kalyana Mantapa is the one comes handy in such occasions. Here, the entire structure consists of Glasgow and wedding here is inevitably the best experience you can ever get.

Final Wrap Up

Still looking for the best weekend getaways from Bangalore? Choose the Mysore Palace as your sole option. I bet, after leaving this place, you will be amazed wit the awesome beauty structure of this palace. And you will cherish it throughout your life.


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