Chikkanna Tiffin Room

"Cooking is all about people. Food is maybe the only universal thing that really has the power to bring everyone together. No matter what culture, everywhere around the world, people get together to eat."


Where is Chikkanna Tiffin Room Located?

It’s located at one of the crossroads of Cubbonpet Main Road. If you are coming from Town Hall towards Majestic, there is a Halasuru Gate Police Station and you should take an immediate left and drive for 200 meters and take assistance from locals.

There are the long, twice-the-plate size, paper dosas and then there are the mini dosas of Chikkanna Tiffin Room (CTR). Founded fifty years back by Hanumanthappa, aka Chikkanna (younger brother), CTR has always been true to the Tiffin room culture of offering only ‘tiffin items’ like dosas and idlis. But what makes the place famous are the ‘mini’ dosas. While a regularly sized dosa elsewhere is about a foot long, the minis at CTR are about 6 inches. H. Murthy, 43, the present co-owner of CTR, had observed a few decades back that customers would order the regularly sized dosa and have it ‘by-two’ – a uniquely Bangalorean trait. That simple observation gave rise to the mini concept.

Ambience – An old house has undergone a makeover into a simple hotel with serving counter and wooden benches. There are several old joints like SLN Lunch Home, Siddappa Hotel and Muddanna in the town, where there will be a similar environment.

At CTR, there are two popular mini dosas. One is the mini masala dosa and the other is the mini rice bath dosa. Perfectly round mini dosas are filled with potato curry and served with coconut chutney. A spoonful of ghee on the mini dosa is optional and at an additional cost of Rs. 14. The mini masala dosa costs Rs 36. The other variation is the rice bath mini dosa which the original Chikanna had introduced. Rice flavoured with chillies, coconut and other seasonings is prepared and then served inside the mini dosa. This is an unusual combination although a similar variation appears in Andhra Pradesh as Pesarattu which has a filling of upma. At Rs 45, rice bath mini has its share of fans.

Masala Dose – They serve Mini & Regular Ghee Masala Dosas. I would prefer taking Mini since I must keep some space for the next dish. The Masala Dosa over here is crispy outside & soft inside filled with Aloo Palya. They serve thick Chutney for Masala Dosa. The Dark Brown Doses are top notch & cannot be compared with any other places.

Idly – There is nothing special about here. But give it a shot, you might love it.

CTR’s mini dosas are made from a batter prepared with a precise combination of special Bombay rice, skinned black lentils (urad dal), sago and puffed rice. The trick in getting the right taste and texture lies in two things: one, a spoonful of sugar that’s added to the batter for “roast” colour and two, Murthy stirs the batter for at least quarter of an hour first thing in the morning. “It has to be done by hand using a ladle and not with a blender or machine,” he says. Yes, it may be half the size of a regular dosa but that doesn’t matter when you can eat two minis.


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Chikkanna Tiffin Room:

Address: Near Ulsoor Gate Police Station, Cubbonpet, City Market,      Bangalore

Phone:  +91 9845917991 / 080 40905389

Price: 150 INR for two people (approx.)

Opening Hours:  7:30 AM to 12 Noon



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