Technology Mega Trends That Are Gonna See A Change In 2018


Don’t you think the predictions made in 2017 about technology were quite a successful one? Almost all of them came true regarding the megatrends in technology!

Talking about the past, 3D or virtual reality was our imaginations only. No, one ever thought of experiencing it in reality. But today the world has changed a lot and all of these are real. We have developed a lot in the field of technology and still developing.

Technology Mega Trends That Are Gonna See A Change In 2018

There are many changes in the trending technology. These are introduced but do not last long to become a trend. Some of the trends are so effective that it changes the world totally. Below here are few examples of trending tech that are changing in 2018.

The Increasing Data In Our Lives

Nowadays, whatever we do the internet leaves a trail of data behind every day.  Whether it is texting our friend from a messaging app or ordering something from an app. Everything leaves data. It is estimated that around 900,000 login in Facebook and 500,000 tweets are posted in a minute. The numbers simply denote that the trending tech will change after few years.

The Internet Of Things And How The Devices Are Becoming Smart Everyday

The internet of things includes smart connecting products like smart watches and smartphones. But these examples of trending technology are the major factors that contribute to the consumption of data.

The reason for this is because the smartphones gather data constantly and share with other devices. Talking about our home, we have many smart products like TV’s, telephones, laptops and many more. The IHS has made a prediction that by 2020 there will be 75 billion connected devices.

The Growth In The Computing Power Exponentially Is Fueling The Tech Advances

Do you think the millions of internet of things devices would be available without computing power?  The leap in the computing power is the reason for the huge growth in data and millions of IoT devices available. The computing power doubled the rate in every consecutive year from 1975 to 2015. However, we are reaching a limit of what the trending computing power can handle.

The Unbelievable Rise Of Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, the computers can learn in the same way the humans can. This technology of Artificial Intelligence is quite trending but has increased a lot of data. The more data used in AI system, the quicker it will learn. The step towards AI means now the computers are able to take more human tasks.

So, the above are some of the megatrends in technology that are expected to change the world in 2018.

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