Augmented Reality Trends To Look Out For In 2018

The numbers of augmented reality will keep on increasing to 85% all over the world by 2021.

augmented reality

The variety point in the world of AR came in the year 2017. According to a release in the press by IDC, the commercial sector will represent more than last year. It will represent more than 60 percent of VR/AR in 2018. The numbers of augmented reality will keep on increasing to 85% all over the world by 2021.

According to the forecast of IDC, the money spent on VR and AR is expected to be $17.8 billion. The amount is 95% more than that of the 9.1 million spent in 2017.

The Never Ending Growth of Augmented Reality

It has been proved that many businesses have actually realized the potential of augmented reality.

Nowadays, maximum of the businessmen are using the technology in their marketing or business plans.

This is because they want to gain the most from the first-mover opportunities that are available. So, below here are few of the interesting facts about the top trends that are going to shape AR 2018.

The Roost Will Be Ruled By AR

The VR had become a trends way before people had heard of augmented reality. VR was considered as the next big thing in technology.

But during the past few years, the virtual reality’s market has become comparatively slow. The prediction of its marketing has not really come to its expectation.

On the contrary, the augmented reality came to limelight with Pokemon Go. It earned $600 million revenue which made the businessman develop mobile AR strategies. This will go on as the market keeps growing.

Increase In Number Of Industries Adopting AR

Industries such as telecommunication and manufacturing are using AR.

Moreover, the industries which provide the workforce to remote areas use AR for training and communication.

Healthcare and teaching industries are also trying to use the AR technology.

The healthcare companies are developing AR tools which will help in the operating room. It brings the virtual elements in the real world.

AR Will Be Approached By Brands

IKEA is a furniture company which has launched its AR tech app. This app allows the customer to drop 3D furniture object on the house with the help of a camera.

This is a whole new chapter represented in marketing. It engages the user in the stimulated e-commerce experience with real-life.

While it is still left to see that how long the AR tech trend will continue. But one thing is that AR has the ability to change people’s way of shopping.


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