4 Signs of An Unhealthy Relationship

People in the relationships might feel like there is nothing wrong. But the people outside can spot the signs very easily.


Who said that relationships are simple? Well, the one who said that clearly has not been in one. You might think that a relationship is fine, but then something happens and snap! It’s all gone. Same is the case with an unhealthy relationship.

I think it was Steve Maraboli that said “You can put all your effort in trying to make someone happy… but there comes a time when we become tired of trying to fill a bucket that is leaking from the inside.”

People in the relationships might feel like there is nothing wrong. But the people outside can spot the signs very easily.

Signs That’ll Tell You The Exact State of Your Relationship

An unhealthy relationship doesn’t really have to include emotional and physical abuse during all times. There are certain other factors and signs which can be an indicator of an unhealthy and strained relationship. I am not an expert in dating and relationships, but I certainly have got some experience. With that in my mind, here I am with some signs of danger in an unhealthy relationship.

  1. Constant Criticism

These strained and unhealthy bonds almost always involve someone getting criticized most of the time. Sometimes, it might not even be the fair thing to do, still. This constant criticism is basically a way of gaining access to the control. Controlling the relationship is a danger sign, for sure.

  1. Poor Communication

Less communication leads to falling out. Surely you all know about that right? Communication is one of the most important things in a relationship. During the start of a dating phase, we are all excited to know things about the significant other. But as the time passes, that desire fades away and puts strain in the relationship.

  1. Behaving Passive Aggressively

Surely you have known someone in your life who is definitely passive aggressive. If your partner begins displaying such behavior in his lifestyle, then it is time to bolt my friend. You know why? Because it will lead to nothing but doom! Passive Aggressive behavior is one of the common signs of an unhealthy relationship.

  1. Codependency

Sure, you are in a loving and caring relationship. So you love to spend time with each other. But with time has it happened to you that your partner just doesn’t let go? They are not able to separate themselves from you. That’s called codependency, and my god, is that a bad thing. Beware of such a type of behavior as it could be a sign.

When it comes to relationships, you cannot be more careful. These sings are the sings of ‘danger’. The moment you see one or multiple of them in your relationships, make sure to take a stand.


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