The jumbled version of 'logout" = Gultoo

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In Gultoo, Alok, a computer genius, has been taken by the cops. At stake is a big risk for the nation. He dreams of being an entrepreneur with his own start-up. Will he have his happily ever after?


Naveen Shankar, Avinash, Sonu


There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Gultoo, given it talks about digital theft. The timing of the release could not have been better with people worried about how Facebook has all personal data. The film introduces the viewers to the world of cyber crimes and criminals. It is a new genre and the filmmaker treads the entertainment path carefully, while also providing an insightful peek into the darker side of the web.

Talking about the plot of the film and the twists wouldn’t warrant justice. Though, what can be spoken about is that the film does act as a catalyst get people thinking about the problems that could be foreseen at the rate at which data is stored and encrypted online. The film can well be used an example when people are talking about the pros and cons of having a unique identification number to store data of people.


The freshness of the narration and the extensive research show that director Janardhan Chikkanna is someone to watch out for. The lead actor Naveen Shankar is also impressive. Sonu Gowda comes up with another fine performance. Watch this film, as it is different from the usual films on screen and proves to be an engaging watch.



3.5/5.0 – Times of India

4.0/5.0 – Vijay Karnataka

3.5/5.0 – Deccan Chronicle


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