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There are two kinds of gym(fitness studio) goers – the individuals who can’t do without air moulding and individuals who reveal to you that things would be in an ideal situation without ACs. All things considered, the level-headed discussion has been digging in for the long haul yet we thought to settle it on the double this time. All in all, would it be advisable for you to or would it be a good idea for you to not work out in cooling? We asked two trainers, Ranveer Allahbadia, the man behind the acclaimed change of Tanmay Bhat, and Alkhas Joseph, the coach who has changed geniuses like Suriya, this correlated inquiry. All things considered, this is what they need to state:

Ranveer thinks what you have to organize to the exclusion of everything else is – comfort. “What makes a difference the most is that you truly get up and go out to work out. Air conditioning or no air conditioner does not so much have any kind of effect.”

However, when we asked Alkhas how he likes to work out, he said that it is mostly without an air conditioning. “I think that AC blocks the flow of fresh air. If I work out with air conditioning on, I feel that I am inhaling stale air.” However, if proper ventilation is ensured, even he doesn’t mind the AC.

Get breathless and unable to work out properly

 – You can’t exert as much as you must because your body gets heated up

As far as the temperature impact on one’s end results is concerned, Alkhas also doesn’t think that it is really substantial. What matters to him the most is inhaling fresh air while you work out.

What about sweating less in ACs? When asked this, Ranveer said, “Sweating more has nothing to do with fitness or burning more calories. It is simply genetic. The number of sweat pores on your body is what makes you sweat or don’t.”

So, folks, we all need to chill (pun definitely intended) when it comes to the air conditioning in our fitness studios. What we need to ensure though as per the two trainers is a) being convenient so that we maintain our routine and b) making sure the air we breathe is not stale.


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