Getting Connectivity With The Sagarmala Project

Sagarmala Project is for developing the inland waterways. It is also expected that it'll reduce the cost of transportation. Also with Sagarmala Project, there will also be a decrease in transport time. This will benefit the industries and the trade.

Sagarmala Project is an initiative by the Indian government. It aims for developing the infrastructure of the ports in the coastal areas. In India, the maritime industry and economy need a boost. That’s why this project came to exist.

This project is a series of work which will take advantage of the county coastline. With the coastline, it’ll make Industrial development happen. The Government of Vajpayee in 2003 opted for a scheme like this.

For developing the inland waterways, this project has been implemented. It is also expected that it’ll reduce the cost of transportation.

Also with this project, there will also be a decrease in transport time. This will benefit the industries and the trade.

Features Of The Sagarmala Project

There are many features of Sagarmala Project 2018. Let’s have a look at those:

  • People are working for establishing the linkage of the railways and the roadways. The port terminals help in that.
  • By connecting rail, road services, and coastal services, the connectivity will increase.
  • It provides warehousing, Maritime Services, and logistics parks.
  • Providing activities which are port-based and that promote coastal tourism. It provides activities for recreation.
  • Developing the existing pots and making way for the new ones

Objectives Of The Sagarmala Project

The different aims and objectives of the Sagarmala Project 2018 are:

  • Development is the main aim of this project. It promotes the development of the port whether it is directly or indirectly.
  • It also aims for providing efficient ways to transport the goods. This means that it’ll provide a base for moving the goods from one port to another. It’ll also make sure that it can take place in a quick and efficient manner.
  • Sagarmala Project wishes to get hands on the regions for recent developments. Also, it hopes to get the solution for the promotion of optimal modal split.
  • Another aim of Sagarmala Project is that it wishes to improve connectivity. This means that the connectivity between the main economic centers will increase. That means the railways, waterways and other infrastructure will get developed soon.
  • It aims for improving the condition and capacity of the ports.
  • Uplifting the economic development through the increase in infrastructure and assets.
  • Plans for the establishment of logistic hubs soon. Also, it plans on having Industrial development with manufacturing units in it. These all could get served through the ports in the internal or international trade.
  • To make the cargo transport process simple and the use of electronic channels.

Advantages Of The Sagarmala Project

The advantages are:

  • It develops the southern region of India very sophistically.
  • It serves the purpose transportation and industrializing the southern part of this country.

Disadvantages Of The Sagarmala Project

Cons of the Sagarmala Project for Karnataka are as follows:

  • Destroying the nature and the sustainable balance of the environment.
  • It is making way for disturbances in the ecosystem.

The Sagarmala Project for Karnataka sure proves to be a great policy. It’ll help in the development of the country economically. How? Well, by improving the infrastructure of India.

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