For the first time in Mysuru, the Election Commission has remodelled some election booths as ‘Pink Booths’.

This election, EC sets up 24 all-women \'Pink Booths\' in Mysuru-1

Women’s Booth:

Painted pink, staff who operate these special voting locations including presiding officers, polling officers, micro observers and security personnel, will be women.

These all women polling booths are aimed at empowering women and increasing their participation in the polling process. This time around 24 booths among the total 2860 booths in the district are Pink Booths. Chamaraja and Krishna Raja Constituency will have three pink polling booths each, while rest of the constituencies will have two pink polling booths each.


Speaking to NewsKarnataka Additional Deputy Commissioner Yogesh said, “Across the district, we have set up 24 pink polling stations. This polling station will be painted in pink colour and will also have pink balloons. We have set up these booths wherever there are more women voters.

The intention behind the pink polling booths initiative is to attract more women voters to participate in elections. This is being done for the first time in Mysuru as well as in entire Karnataka.”



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