Early on in the film, the lead character tells his colleague that the Achche Din promised by Narendra Modi have come true, for him at least. But somehow in Buckaasura, it is only two characters in the film that are having all the fun. The story has some novelty, the characters have depth and there are a few unusual scenes.

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A few unusual happenings result in a high-profile case dropping into the lap of a cub advocate who makes the most of it. Doors open for the young advocate as he climbs the ladder of success faster than he can count all the money he is making. A mysterious businessman is propelling his career and, when the time for the payback comes, the advocate has to sweat all the grey cells in his brain and all the muscles in his body.

Image result for bakasura movieWhat could have been an edge-of-the-seat thriller is tamed down into a part uneventful suspense, a bit horror slice and a lot of ill-informed court-room drama?

The only exciting scene in the entire film is when Biradara’s blessing works on the hero. The others including the arrival of Ravichandran and introduction of his character, the twist post-interval, the court scenes that were supposed to add drama, all fall flat.


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