The Exclusive Interview With Arjun Kanungo- The Sensational Singer, Composer and Actor!

Usually we play for a long time. So, you can’t party after the show. You just go back to the hotel and sleep. Because the next day there is the flight. So, we don’t usually do that. It’s just that today we came back in Bangalore so we got to spend a little time out and have some fun.

Born and raised in Mumbai, Arjun Kanungo is a great classical singer, a great pianist, guitarist, and a musician. The whole world is floored by his musical skills and he is one of the biggest singers in the industry. Nothing less than a star for this generation, he is Arjun Kanungo. A singing sensation for sure. Arjun Kanungo is all over the Internet, radio, YouTube and pretty much everywhere else.

Performing LIVE on stage at Bangalore


Our team at Bangalorebuzz got together in an exclusive interview with the sensational singer as he shared all about his life and career.

A Candid Moment

Here are some of the important excerpts.

Bangalorebuzz: Here I welcome Arjun Kanungo (AK), who is the guest for us today. It’s a pleasure having you here.
AK: Thank you.
Bangalorebuzz: So, let me ask you a very obvious question, how was the female crowd yesterday?
AK: *laughs* I think crowds everywhere are always welcoming. So far I have never faced any crowds that’s like I don’t want to listen to him. Bangalore has the most promised crowds that I’ve ever had. All over India, I love coming to Bangalore. I performed here at least six to seven times. There is always packed crowds, male and female fans. I think that all my fans are very supportive, male or female.
A moment with “The Fans”
The energetic crowd!
Bangalorebuzz: So, it was a really nice day for you? Did you have a good night’s sleep?
AK: Amazing. Great weather, Great crowd, Great staff. It went off without any issues, great day. We went back and there were some interviews. Then we went to a sports bar and played some football and pool, so…
Signing Autographs
Bangalorebuzz: So, is that something that you like to do? After your events or do you just go home and sleep?
AK: Usually we play for a long time. So, you can’t party after the show. You just go back to the hotel and sleep. Because the next day there is the flight. So, we don’t usually do that. It’s just that today we came back in Bangalore so we got to spend a little time out and have some fun.
Bangalorebuzz: So, we know that you are a trained classical singer. How did the passion for music start? Parents forced you to go to music school?
AK: Not at all. Actually, it was the opposite. I finished my 12th standard and I didn’t know what to do. Then I met these amazing kids who went to a music school. They introduced me to music. I started playing guitar and I hang out with them. That’s when I realized that music is my passion. So I decided that I’ll leave the opportunity of studying in abroad and come back to Mumbai and finish my degree. I finished my degree in Mumbai. While I was doing my mass media degree, I started a recording studio. I learned the business; I met a lot of musicians. That’s how my music career started.
Bangalorebuzz: Your childhood wasn’t influential to music? You didn’t participate in any singing competitions or stage shows?
AK: It had nothing to do with music. I was a through and through sports person, a National Pistol Shooter and a National medal winner. I played basketball as well. So I thought I’ll do something in sports but then I realized that I wasn’t very good. I did nothing till I was in degree. I just decided one day that I wanted to be a singer *laughs* without any training whatsoever. If had to tell kids what they should do, I would tell them to go with their instinct which says you can be good at something.
Bangalorebuzz: So who’s the inspiration for music in Bollywood? Why did you want to come back to Bollywood and do something here?
AK: I don’t know if I wanted to do something in Bollywood. Always wanted to do something in India. I love India and love living and working in here. I love the people. I’ve traveled around the world but my people are here. The home is where your heart is, where your loved ones are.
Bangalorebuzz: Tell us something about your tour with Asha Bhonsle Ji? How was it and how did it start and what did you get to learn from that?
AK: It was crazy. I went there to audition for the guitar player of her band. She made me the singer. When I was auditioning I was singing as well and she was like stop playing the guitar, you are not a guitar player, you are a singer.
Bangalorebuzz: So, you started your recording studio at a very early age. Who inspired you?
AK: I was 17 at that time. I didn’t know the business. Nobody in my family knows music. Nobody has connections in Bollywood. I thought how I am going to meet people. That’s the most difficult thing, to get access. Then it depends on your commitment. I saw that a recording studio was the best way to get access.
Bangalorebuzz: We’ll get down to your song, ‘Khoon Chus Ne’, how did that happen?
AK: I had just finished touring with Asha Ji and I left her band because I wanted to go as a musician myself. Sachin-Jigar called me and asked me to sing a song. I went there thinking they’d make me sing something serious and they gave me this wacky song and I loved it.
Connecting with the audience…
Bangalorebuzz: Your music has so many levels. Is there someone who inspires you or helps you think about that?
AK: It’s all my thoughts and my ideas. I express myself through music. I am a sensitive and emotional person and I think music is a good way to express. No one is helping me as such. That being said, I’m inspired by all the musicians around me. I also have a great team as well.
Bangalorebuzz: We see that you are a busy person? Do you get time for yourself?
AK: Mentally when I feel like I need some time, I just put off the phone, I disappear for a while. I am very aware when I need alone time. So, I just go for a holiday and I spend some time away from social media.
Bangalorebuzz: The song ‘Fursat’, what inspired you for that?
AK: Most of my videos are my writing that needed to be expressed. What inspired me for that song was at that time, India had its first fighter pilots core unit. In 2015, we allowed women to be fighter pilots. That’s what troubled me that why women couldn’t do such a thing. The video has that concept.
Bangalorebuzz: For the budding talents who want to sing, what is one advice that you would give them?
AK: I think they should be honest with themselves. Some people want to be in this industry to be famous and that’s wrong. I think if you want to do that to be just famous, you are not going to be successful. I would say that you should do it for the right reasons.
Q&A with Arjun

Short Takes

Weirdest habit: I have an OCD
Are you a day person or a night owl: Day person.
Some other profession where you would want to be successful: Something related to technology.
Any superstitions: Not at all
Last question,
Does Arjun have a girlfriend: Not right now.

We wish Arjun Kanungo a very shining career ahead!



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