Bangalore, also known as the capital of IT, is also the leading job provider in the field of Information Technology, according to a recent study. Those who search for job opportunities in the IT field, Bangalore provides the highest number of opportunities.

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The Economy of Bangalore is an important part of the economy of India as a whole and contributes over 87% to the Economy of the State[1] of Karnataka, accounting for 98% of the Software Exports of the State.

The establishment and success of high technology firms in Bangalore have led to the growth of Information Technology (IT) in India.

According to the ‘indeed’ website, which provides information on job opportunities, around 22% percent of the job opportunities in the information technology field is available in Bengaluru. The Silicon Valley of India provides maximum job opportunities in the technology field. It attracts the attention of the country with numerous start-ups.

Bengaluru is leading job provider in IT sector: Study-1

The youth aged between 20 and 29 who look forward to jobs are more interested in technological fields. Along with them, people above 55 years of age are also interested in this field. But, those who are between 40 and 49 age group are less keen, found the study.

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This study was carried out between May 2015 and May 2018 across the country.


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