Beauty tips to follow this summer

Now, that we are dwelling amidst this harsh weather with the scorching heat of the summer sun almost digesting us, it is important to take care of our skin and hair. We often ignore about our health and beauty while being busy in a rush.

Here are some of the beauty tips that you need to follow this summer:


This is a must-have in your handbag during the summer. Check the SPF according to the summer temperature at your place and buy a sunscreen that can safeguard your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun. Apply it thirty minutes before getting out in the Sun so that it gets absorbed in your skin. Regular usage can prevent your skin from getting tanned.

A hair mask

The extreme heat of the sun during the summer can make your scalp sweat profusely. This makes it unbearable for you to wash or shampoo your hair on a regular basis. Applying a hair mask at least once a week will benefit your hair in that case.


Carrying a cleanser all the time in your handbag is certainly useful. Washing your face with a cleanser will help you clean all the dirt and germs from your skin. Using it on a regular basis will yield you a soft and glowy skin.


It is essential to nourish the skin. A glycerine-rich facial product will help you get a supple skin. A mild toner will balance your skin pH level.

Hair spray

Washing and rinsing your hair isn’t possible every day. Besides, you can use a hair spray too as that would help you get rid of that frizzy hair. You will be able to fetch a shiny hair with a regular usage of this hair spray.

SPF rich lip balm

Keep a lip balm in your purse to prevent your lips from getting dry.

Anti-tanning creams or lotions

It is usually advised to wear full sleeves during the summer season. However, a lot of people feel it uncomfortable. In that case, if you are wearing sleeveless tops, do not forget to apply an anti-tanning lotion on your hands and arms. This will minimize your tan and help you recover soon, thereby giving you a fresh skin tone.

Using these simple ways can help you own a fresh and beautiful skin tone and hair texture.


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