Best places to travel this summer

Refreshment is a must and no matter how busy you have been, taking out a little bit of “We Time” is indeed essential. With the summer vacation in hand, do not let it go off in wastage. Though we have a lot of travel plans and destinations in mind, it gets difficult for one to pick one among those plenty in the list. There are several things to keep in mind; the top priority one is the budget you own. A little information about the location and the market over there will help you get a brief idea about how much you would expect to spend on the trip.

Not all places are suitable for every occasion and weather. With the summer months on, here are some of the top class locations to travel this season:

MidCoast, Maine


It is one of the best American gateway destinations. What makes it more famous is the rocky coastline and the soothing weather surrounding the location! Who else would not love the servings of overstuffed lobster rolls along with?



Ladakh in India is the highest plateau in the Kashmir valley and is regarded as one of the most famous tourist spots. With most of its lands, above the range of 3000 meters above the sea level, this is an outstanding spot for people who are in love with nature. The sky touching high mountains enfolding the Buddhist ex-kingdom has a lot to reveal about the location’s history.



This seems to be a little expensive for people at times since you usually have to opt for a yacht rental to sail across the blue waters. However, if you are interested in hopping along the islands, you are always welcome! Popular attractions like Plitvice Lakes and lesser known places like Rovinj are quite popular among people. You can easily choose them for your coming holiday destination.



This is one of the most amazing tourist spots for travelers to spend in the Northeastern part of India. While the rest of the country burns in the extreme temperature, Meghalaya, the capital of Shillong has a lot to feature amidst the natural scenes and landscapes. The Mawlynnong Village and the Elephant Waterfalls are some of the must-sees!

Don’t allow yourself to rot in the warm climate with temperatures of boiling water. Instead, these cool places would be your ideal vacation spots.


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