Constituents of your daily light make over

make over

Not all of us prefer to carry a heavy make over. I agree, not all occasions demand that either. A perfect make over is the one that matches one’s personality as well as complement the occasion too. Some may look gorgeous with heavy make over while others prefer to go with a light shade. Thus, it depends on your get up and your dress too. Attire plays a significant role in deciding whether you need a heavy and dramatic shade or you are just perfect with a light tone.

If you are looking for a regular, make up apparel, such as for going to your office or a night out with friends. There could be others options too, like going out for a date with your to-be partner, visiting a birthday party and more such. Looking smart and beautiful is never about putting tons of makeup. Instead, you can still look glamorous by putting a light make over and still revealing a lot about yourself. This won’t take you hours in front of the mirror rather you would look wonderful in less than just 15 minutes.

Things you need for light make over:

  • Moisturizer: This is important to make sure that your facial skin doesn’t look chapped and dried. This will keep your skin hydrated, and you shall be able to fetch a soothing skin.
  • Primer or eye concealer: Eye make up is a must if you want to look beautiful and bold. A primer or an eye concealer would make your eyes crease proof, and your make up would last a little longer.
  • Foundation: Applying a foundation will help you fetch a brighter skin tone. Patting it properly all over your face as well as on the cheek bone to that of the temple. You can also highlight it a bit!
  • Eyeliner & Eye shadow (optional): Applying an eye liner and an eye shadow will make your eyes appear more prominent. A gel, a liquid eyeliner, and a pencil, if appeared stroke on stroke will help your eyes look more vibrant!
  • Mascara: Applying mascara will make your eyelashes more bright, thus making your eye make-up complete. Curl your eyelashes if needed.
  • Lipstick: Apply a lip balm or a lip gloss before applying your favorite color of lipstick.

A perfect and a complete make-over will make you look more confident than ever!


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