Instagram Longer Videos – IGTV New App

Instagram dreams come true tomorrow. Everyone wished to have a longer video on Instagram right? Yes, it's happening.

Every time we use Instagram, we wish that the videos could have been little longer or can upload an Insta Story more than 60 sec right?. The maximum clip limit is of 60 sec now but it can be extended by tomorrow. Instagram has announced to launch a new app called IGTV by tomorrow and it’s getting more attention before it arrives.

Instagram Longer Videos
Instagram IGTV App

What’s New in IGTV

IGTV allow us to create content up to an hour sound’s wonderful right?
And the even more interesting thing is all videos will be in portrait mode to make it user-friendly.

Instagram Longer Video
Portrait Mode

YouTube competition begins with Instagram

Now the videos will be uploaded as like as YouTube. Each will have a channel of their own and unique link will be provided for each video. A big challenge is ahead for YouTube.
Instagram Co-founder Kevin Systrom states ” Videos on IGTV will be more engaging and perhaps more emotional ” reported by BBC. It’s not clear if the longer videos would include adverts or if users would be paid for their content as they are on platforms like YouTube. Kevin states exclusively to Newsbeat that there’s no rush to figure that out.

Rules and Regulations Applied

Even IGTV will also follow rule and regulations to keep it on the safer side for the user. IGTV will be monitored to keep its customer engaged and also to be safe and fair says Kevin


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