Being transgender is no longer a mental disorder

Mental disorder and trans identities are two different things. However, many a time, the ICD and WHO declares several things and segregate them in different sections. However, the things do not always get proper clarifications, and segregations of them are not always appropriate. This makes things come under similar sections although they differ from one another widely.

After tons of research works conducted by various scientists, health specialists, and psychologists, this finally gained a proper segregation out of the section of mental disorder. This made genderqueer identities come out of the section of mental disorder.

Transgender removed from the section of mental disorder

World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that being a transgender would no longer be classified as a mental disorder. In the newly updated version of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD), transgender and genderqueer identities, are under “gender incongruence.” They belong to a section that defines about sexual health conditions according to WHO, a unit of the United Nations. It calls the ICD as the “bedrock for health statistics”. It offers “a holistic look at every aspect of life that can affect health.”

Thus, they took out from the section on mental health disorders since this issue was no way related to it and leaving it therein was causing a stigma. WHO used the term “transsexualism” to determine trans identities. Dr. Geoffrey Reed, a psychologist, even had to say this in this context in The New York Times. This is not the first time but WHO often corrects the past classifications. WHO has cleared out its past declarations many a times since 1948 and it was in the 1970s that WHO finally gave out this clarification.

Born as a transgender is no way subjected to any sort of discrimination. However, the society still does so in several parts. With the growing day, efforts are put into for the sake of alteration of people’s mind sets. We can finally expect some big changes around ourselves. They, too, are humans absolutely like us and thus, they must own similar rights and benefits from the society as we do. However, as per the declaration of WHO, it went for a removal from the ICD recently. Thus, it is no longer regarded to be something that falls in the section of mental disorder.


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