Our Ancient Trees Are Dying – Climate and Deforestation

Trees play a vital role in our ecosystem and since the founder of food chain. It is extremely important to make sure that the plants do exist in the nature. However, with the immense increase in the rate of deforestation, we see a great decline in the number I of trees. To our surprise, there still exist some of the ancient trees. The popular among them include the kauri trees of New Zealand that have got trunks which are almost of the size of the tanks. Next, comes the European oaks that are older than the Roman empire. These trees have got branches covering almost half a football field.

Such ancient trees are typically known as monumental trees. To our astonishment, they are still alive. As per the reports from scientists, they have been saying that some of these ancient trees are gradually banishing from the ecosystem and the sole reason behind it is the changes in the climate. With the drastic alteration in the temperature and increase in the population, more and more settlements are taking place and thus, leading it to deforestation. This made forest fires quite common.

Records in the Nature Plants regarding the ancient trees

As per the data collected and reported by the Nature Plants, it has been found out that around nine of the thirteen old baobabs and five out of the six of the bigger ones have perished in the last 12 years. They were regarded as the latest of the old giants that are known for dominating the southern African savannah. They were more than 2,500 years old. The South African and the Romanian researchers are still trying to find out more about it with their process of research conduction still on!

Credits: aduna.com

Draught and climatic variations attract new kinds of pests and diseases. These are ultimately pushing these plants to the well of the death. Undoubtedly, these were some of the rarest specimens of the earth. But the constant decline in the ecosystem has created such a grave situation. This is mostly because the big old plants have adapted themselves to a stable environment which in turn, makes it intolerable for them to survive in such extremes of temperature. Also, the constant variations contribute towards the process being more vulnerable!


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