93% of sterilizations in India were on women

Do women are responsible for taking up the burden of family planning? Are they the only ones behind framing a family? Well, as per the reports from National Health Mission, we did see that around 93.1% of the sterilizations in India were conducted on women. Yeah, there lies my question that pushes me to ask! Are the women solely responsible for family planning? The liability of the terminal methods rests upon the women of the family.

Sterilizations banned in government camps

As per the reports from The Indian Express, we observed a statistical report from the year 2017-18. It says that among the 14,73,418 sterilization procedures occurred in India. Out of them, only 6.8 % were male sterilization while the rest 93.1 % were female sterilization.

It is quite shocking that the rate of female sterilization is so high. And, the most astonishing yet humiliating fact about the same is that why would girls always require to go beneath the knives and scissors? With such a huge number of women sterilized in the year 2017-18, this fact has come into the headline over time.

According to the normal tradition, as followed by men, we see that they do not usually agree to use contraceptives such as condoms. This, in turn, forces the women to go through surgeries and sterilization procedures. Seeing this shocking figure, it is important for the men of the society to realize the realize behind this ratio.

Commercials are up to promote the fact that usage of contraceptives or undergoing vasectomy. These do not affect a man’s virility in any way. If the men would do so, the women will no longer have to go through surgical processes.

According to the study and reports from the Population Research Institute, it has been found out that most women have to undergo surgery or sterilization. This is due to their partner’s unwillingness to use contraceptives. However, most of the times they are not even aware that this is going to be an irreversible process and the consequences can be really hilarious.

Around 363 women died in the year 2010 and 2013 during sterilization in government camps. Thus, the Supreme Court took the decision to ban the sterilization camps in the year 2016. This is to eradicate the number of sterilization processes taking place across the country.


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