Month by Month Pregnancy Stages

Pregnancy is definitely a boon to women. Can you wonder the kind of emotions you go through while a new born develops within you? If you are expecting a child and is curious to know how your child has grown, here is the month by month pregnancy stages:

First trimester (week 1 – 12)


This is the first and the most primary stage of one’s pregnancy. You may not note too many symptoms externally, but a to-be mother undergoes a lot of internal symptoms. The changes are quite significant in the body as the hormonal alterations take place. This is the time when the human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) hormone in the body increases. This starts to show up as soon as the conception occurs. Thus, when you taste your urine, it can be detected through it. This is a clear proof of pregnancy when performed through a home pregnancy test.

Development of embryo – Pregnancy

A developing baby is known as an embryo or a fetus until it is around eight weeks old. During the first month of pregnancy, the arms, limbs, nerves and the spinal cord begins to form. The heart, lungs and the brain also start developing. This is the most important phase as the bones start to appear. Thus, the formation of wrists, fingers, ankles, genitals, inner ear and eye lids commences. The internal organs develop during the end of the 1st trimester.

2nd trimester (week 13 – 27)


This is the time when the early signs of pregnancy vanishes and you tend to get accustomed to your hormonal changes within the body. Most women feel less of nausea and vomiting. Your baby bump will start to show up more and more. You shall gain weight. The baby starts developing eyelashes, hair, finger nails and all such body parts.

3rd trimester (week 28 – 40)


This is the time when the to-be mother will own a huge baby bump. She is more likely to pee frequently as the uterus is stretched. You will see signs of stretch marks on your thighs, belly area and on the breast as well as at the back.

Certainly, pregnancy is the most amazing part of experiencing motherhood. Make sure that you take ample care of yourself as well as your to-be toddler during this phase. Husbands, take care of your lady love!


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