Sakshi Dhoni applies for fire-arms licence

Earlier in the year 2008, the former captain of the Indian cricket team and the wicket keeper made the headlines. He came on the News as he applied for a prohibited bore, that is, a 9 mm pistol. Reports say that Sakshi Dhoni, wife of MS Dhoni had applied for a .32-bore pistol or revolver. As per the journalists and the media, the process for the same has already been initiated. The information will duly be acknowledged to the applicant as the procedure carries upon. Mrs. Dhoni applied for an arms license, and the procedure is moving by leaps.

Sakshi Dhoni urged for the license due to security

Sakshi has cited the reason for her application due to security measures. She says that on the basis of security as she gets out of the home as well as set off to work. According to the reports from a senior police officer, Sakshi has directed the application to an executive magistrate. However, the verification procedure is still pending, and the decision rests solely upon the district level authorities. He further added that applying on such a ground is nothing out of the ordinary. Thus, and the applicant would get the consent as the procedure completes.

Rai Mahimapat Ray, Ranchi Deputy Commissioner, said that he has nothing much to comment on this issue as this is not at all an extraordinary matter to discuss upon. He also said that the application will get an approval once all the measures and verification are over. Also, this is a matter of private domain, and thus, it may not be possible for the media to cast every single detail. Perhaps, this is the reason for which all the info are not revealed.

The government did offer the necessary security that the Dhoni family would require. Be it during their stay in the house or while they are touring! The security prospects were always available to them. When Dhoni seemed for the 9 mm pistol, after carrying out the desired measures by the district level, the license did finally get its approval by the Centre. Hope the same occurs with Mrs. Dhoni as well since she has proper grounds for applying for the license. As the fans, we would love to see our favorite players and their family to remain safe and secure all the time!


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