Loan Dues: Vijay Mallya – Selling his stories desperately


Mallya declared about his writing letters to both the prime minister and the finance minister on April 15, 2016. This was to as to give an explanation on his part on the issue. He says that he has been tired of the relentless behavior from criminal agencies and the government as well.

Mallya has finally given his opinion after two long years on 26 June 2018. He says that there have been continuous politically motivating factors that have been interfering with his efforts to clear the dues. He says that he has nothing to do about it. Though, the external factors are causing a botheration in his efforts to settle the case.

Loan Dues: Vijay Mallya statements before media

Fugitive liquor baron Vijay Mallya has been popularly recognized as the Poster Boy. He says that he has been a willing defaulter. He says that his efforts are continuously interfered by political affairs and public anger. Yet, he raises himself to be a defaulter in the Rs 9,000-crore Kingfisher Airlines loan default case. He says that a lot of the lending banks have even called him a willing defaulter. It was all due to his own intention, and he got no regret for the same.

He even says that even there lies a controversy surrounding his name. The media and the public is continuously accusing him and his efforts several times. Rumors include hid name raised controversially saying that he stole Rs 9000 crore loaned to the KFA. Supporting his explanation, he even held his two letters to the PM and the finance minister upfront before the media and the public.

He further adds to his statement saying that he had previously claimed for a settlement from 2 of the banks. He traces this back to the time when the following case filed in the Supreme Court on March 29, 2016, and April 6, 2016. “I respectfully submit that my conduct does not amount to ‘wilful default,’” Mallya said. However, those letters received a rejection from the banks.

Presently, he is undergoing an extradition case in the UK court charged under fraud and money laundering by the Indian authorities. Reports say that Mallya declared the following to the CBI and the ED; “with various untenable and blatantly false allegations acting at the behest of the government and lending banks”.


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