Top 7 Body Washes for Acne Prone Skin


Before you opt for any acne treating product, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. It is necessary to determine the kind of acne you possess. The acne-fighting scrub contains different sorts of medicated products that are readily used to treat stubborn acne. It also depends on the sensitivity of the skin.

The Body shop tea tree body wash

The lather of this soap free body oil is usually created with the availability of tree oil that targets the impurities and wards them off. They are popular for the unique scent and easy or convenient usage schemes. They also help in reducing the inflammation.

Murad acne complex

This body wash composes the presence of salicylic acids as well as glycolic that provide a good option to avail easy penetration. They even ensure easy and healthy cleaning facilities. It is an amazing exfoliant and is often recommended by dermatologist.

Pan oxyl 10 % Acne wash

The foaming wash contains benzoyl peroxide as the sole ingredient and they are present in the maximum quantity that is good to fight the acne causing bacteria. They contain anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.


This body clear face wash contains salicylic acid as the major ingredient and it also composes of deep and foaming lather that provides a gentle apparel to your sensitive skin. This is quite affordable and handy in terms of its utility.

Proactiv cleansing solution

It helps in cleaning and exfoliating the skin that helps to sooth your skin and softens it. The combination of the salicylic acid with the benzoyl peroxide provides a perfect tone to the skin.

Neutrogena body scrub

The presence of microbeads offers a gentle exfoliation. It assists in removing the dead skin in order to make your skin shine and glow. It is a perfect choice if your skin is oily in any way.

Peter Thomas Roth

The blemish buffing beads provide a gentle exfoliation to your skin. It helps in unclogging the pores to encourage a perfect cell turnover. If you have a hormonal acne, you can prefer this as a core option. This is because it would surely help in fighting the microbes and bring a glow to the skin. This can be an irritating option if you have dry skin.

I hope now you are sure about which product to choose for your acne prone skin.


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