Iphone 6s – Made in Bangalore

When it comes to Apple, it catches our eyes for its uniqueness. People are really fond of that no matter how costly it is but its worth for that. But iPhone 6s made a unique piece out of all series. Even still people say 6s is better than iPhone 7.

Iphone 6s Made in Bangalore
Credit : Unsplash

As always there were a lot of happenings in the tech world this week. But Apple company made us turn towards it.

Apple has started commercial production of the iPhone 6s in India since last week at the Bengaluru facility. Its based on Taiwan-based contract manufacturer Wistron. As you know California-based Apple began to manufacture its iPhone SE models in Bengaluru in May. Apple already makes iPhone SE at the Wistron facility.

It wasundertaking trial production for the second iPhone model in the 6 series since April and chose iPhone 6S due to its sales potential.

It has started evaluation on further expansion of local output, with another model likely to enter trials soon, the executives said. “The made-in-India iPhone 6s will be only sold in India like iPhone SE since it will take time to scale up capacity. In fact, Apple will continue with the import of iPhone 6s until capacity improves. Hence, there will be no price correction for the locally manufactured units. The made-in-India iPhone 6s model will hit the stores soon,” an executive said. Apple India did not comment.

An executive said Apple wants to expand local production to insulate itself from price increases to remain competitive.


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