Must have elements in your diet

Nutrients are a must for a healthy diet. If you want to remain healthy, You need to put certain elements into your regular diet by any means. These elements ensure proper functioning of your body and help you build a strong body. I mean “strong” not apparently, but actually!

Without these elements, you are more likely to fall sick more often. So, here you go!


Lean red meat, whole grains, soy beans, dairy products and eggs are rich sources of zinc. This element is responsible for regulating moods, assisting the breakdown of fats, carbs and proteins in the body. It influences the immune system, normal cell division, growth and repair. It helps in development of hormones and reproductive system too. This mineral is needed in minuscule amount.


This mineral is present in dairy products, whole grains, seafood, seeds, nuts and pulses. It vital for the growth of healthy teeth and bones. Phosphorus also helps the body cells to store energy and is deliberately essential for the manufacture of DNA as well. It is present in all plant and animal proteins. Vitamin D is consequently needed to process the phosphorus in the body. If you intake a lot of calcium rich foods, you can also include ample amount of phosphorus in the diet.

Sodium chloride

All kinds of foods including the table salt, processed foods and shellfish are rich sources of sodium chloride. Both of the elements, sodium as well as chloride present in the compound influences the amount of water in the body. Thus, balancing the acid or alkali balance. However, eating too much of foods containing sodium chloride can also affect the body. Thus, leading to higher blood pressure, strokes and heart diseases. Avoid eating processed foods as salt are generally added to them in higher amounts.


This mineral is present in foods such as shellfish, fish such as tuna, Brazil nuts, liver and egg yolk. Others include sesame, wheat germ, garlic, and oat and rice barn. This element works along with other kinds of antioxidants like that of vitamin E. It is required to analyse the normal metabolism of the body. It is also essential to influence the proper functioning of the immune system and the thyroid gland. Thereby protecting the body against cancer. This mineral is also responsible for regulating asthma. It enhances male fertility.

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