Mini Militia Tips to win every Game

Mini militia is one of the most popular online multiplayer game and the players can simply spend hours playing this amazing game. In this game, all you need to bother about is to fight with your friends in order to gain glory. In order to win the game, you need to provide a tough battle to your competitors and win the game.

Master the weapons thoroughly

A successful player needs to have thorough knowledge regarding the weapons that are commonly utilised during the process of the game. It is always recommended to use better weapons at Mini Militia and make sure that you are absolutely comfortable with what you are using. Shot gun, sniper as well as the double gun will be made up to you; choose the one that fits up to you and is specifically meant for any particular map or topography.

Buy accuracy boost

This would assist you in enhancing your level of accuracy and you can easily buy it from the corresponding store if you have got adequate score points along with you.

Reload the gun when necessary

Do not wait for your turn to get the gun auto reloaded. You may also choose to alter the gun before it is out of ammo.

Take advantage from your competitors in Mini Militia

Try to attack the players of Mini Militia while they are in trouble, like when they are fighting against fire. This will be the easier way to kill them as they are probably in their low health during the span.

Best weapon combination

Use a shot gun along with a sniper. Use both your hands to shoot and reload your gun when no one is around.

Be alert all the while

Place sensor bombs in the bushes so that your enemies are easily attacked. Fire into the bushes before you passes through them. Get a perfect block so that you can protect yourself from the saw cutter and the missile.

Learn the best weapon combination when the game is on

While you are at the close range, always prefer using a shot gun and a flame thrower. For the battles conducted along the middle range, get M4 (5x) and AK47 (4x). For long range battle conduction, you can easily choose the sniper rifle, the saw cutter as well as the rifle. All these weapons demands for great skills and the players need to own adequate skills in order to use these weapons accurately with utter efficiency.


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