Surgical Needle Left Inside Jaw by A Doctor In Karnataka

We believe Doctor without any doubt. We remember people says “Never lie to a doctor”. No matter what goes wrong the next step we end up in Clinics.

Suggestions from a doctor makes you relief.

Even sometimes a minor mistake from doctors results in a big problem. I hope you people are familiar with these kind of issues. Surprisingly even it happened in Karnataka too.

In a bizarre turn of events, a dentist has reportedly forgotten to remove a surgical needle from a patient’s mouth in Dharwad recently. Interestingly, the patient is also a dentist.
According to reports, Dr Sarika visited another dentist Dr Vinayak Mahendrakar at a private clinic on SP Road in Dharwad.

After the initial course of treatment, Sarika developed heavy pain in her jaws, forcing her to take an X-ray in another clinic. To her horror, Sarika discover a tiny needle inside in her mouth by Mahendrakar.

When Sarika meet Dr Mahendrakar and complain about the same, the latter did not show any remorse and quite casually he said it can be removed easily. Sarika was asked to come the next day.

When Sarika visits the clinic the next day, Mahendrakar was nowhere. Furious, Sarika lodged a complaint against Mahendrakar.

A police officer told BM, “The lady doctor registered a complaint against Mahendrakar. Later, ACP called both doctors and asked them to arrive at a compromise. Sarika had only demand that needle should be removed. Mahendrakar later agreed to have the needle removed. No complaint registered against the dentist.”


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