What to look when hiring movers and packers?

movers and packers

In order to ensure that the move does not become a matter of inconvenience to the day to day operation of the officers, one must always look for a reliable service provider who would carry out the job at ease. Here are a few tips to follow while hiring movers and packers:

Moving inventory

A reputable company shall always take care of the inventory of your belongings and measure the weight or bulk of the move. The space that the goods would occupy in the moving transport and the weight of the stuff determines a major component of the total price.

Do not pay a large deposit

In general, reputable companies do not usually ask for a heavy sum of money prior to offering the moving services. In case you pay out in advance, you would usually not have any control over your belongings. Therefore, in order to pay for possible fraudulent services, access a credit card to get the assurance.

Get references of the movers and packers

Ask your friends and families who have earlier availed such moving services. If you have no such acquaintances, you may choose to get a list of reliable movers from any of the best moving associations and ask them for a quote.

Try to avoid packing costs

It is important that you try to cut off your packing costs. You can choose to pack your belongings yourself but be careful while packing the things since the mover will not be responsible for any kind of damage caused to your items in that case.

Make sure about the company’s license and insurance policies

Get all the necessary details of the company along with their license to make sure that you do not fall into any kind of trap, and the whole task is settled smoothly through a legal approval.

Be alert of the extra fees

If you would be moving from or to a 6th-floor apartment, you are more likely to be charged an extra fee by the movers. You may also have to negotiate for stairs and escalators.

Review the estimate

Get the estimate of the total procedure. Also get it signed by you as well as the representative of the moving company. Fetch a written binding estimate. And in case you are doing an interstate move, you must have the type and quantity of goods mentioned. This would help while shipping along with the date of your pickup and delivery. This will help you fix things at the beginning. So that you do not have to face any kind of confusion later.


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