Katrina Kaif – Skin care regime

Actress Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif, the Dhoom 3 actress is rocking across the media. Yeah, something or the other keeps on happening in these stars’ life and that makes our early breakfast more yummy. Anyway, coming back to the main track, as fans we always keep on spying about what these stars do. And how they spend their entire day etc etc. The same goes for Katrina too and fans seem to be super interested about what she does and how she is going around.

Well, today we are here to reveal how your favourite actress, Katrina does her skin care regime. Early morning Katrina starts her day with intaking a lot of water. She takes in around 5-6 glasses of water. She also washes her face with warm water compress on a regular basis. This is to make sure that the pores open up and there is absolutely no accumulation of dirt and dust over the face. We know these celebrities have to put a lot of make up shades almost everyday and this is why they need to take a good skin care of themselves.

Skin care routine: Katrina

Katrina makes a mixture of acai berry and grape grass. Katrina believes in trying out natural masks. She also applies mineral mud masks and washes her face often with cold water. She never keeps her face dirty. Then she washes it off too often and mostly does it while coming in from outside. She is an excellent care taken and makes sure that she cleans off all the make up that she puts on her face.

She drinks plenty of water all throughout the day and tries every possible way to clean away all the toxins from within her body. Another important thing that she mentions is about her diet. She takes in a lot of fiber and also makes sure that the required amount of vitamins and minerals are present in her diet.

Katrina usually prefers maintaining herself naturally and this is what she does for herself. You can also try out the same and see how it works for you! Let us know as well.


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