Preparing chocolate cake without a microwave oven

We all love eating chocolate cakes. Don’t we? I wonder if there is hardly anyone who will say a “no” to my query. However, we do not have all the things ready all the time. Specially if you do not have a microwave oven, we think that it is better to purchase a cake rather than taking the hussle of preparing it. However, home made stuffs always have their own taste. I see a lot of people putting up questions like how would they prepare chocolate cakes without a microwave oven. This is a must-know thing for a lot of people, particularly the hostellers. It is mostly because these they do not usually have their microwave oven available with them and thus, it is quite common for them to seek for alternative options.

I am going to state you a simple way to prepare chocolate cake. I do not use a microwave oven to make it. The process is absolutely simple and the best part about it is that it is not at all time consuming. It doesn’t take a lot of time, just you will be able to get the whole thing done in less than half an hour. All you need at first is to make the batter of the chocolate cake. To bring flavor you can either bring chocolate powder that is readily available in the market, or you may also choose the other way out. You can bring chocolate biscuits, I particularly used Bourbourne biscuits.

Put a few pieces of them in a mixer grinder and then grind them well. Once you have it ready, simply put it in a bowl. Now you can either add sugar if you want it to be more sweet or you can even choose to ignore this part. Pour a little amount of milk and then mix it well to prepare the batter. When your batter is ready, put a whole packet of Eno into it and mix it well. Now take another steel or aluminium bowl and pour a little oil into it and swipe it with your hand along the walls of the bowl. This will prevent your chocolate butter to stick to the walls of the bowl. Now put the prepared batter into this bowl.

On the other side, put a big bowl of water and heat it well. Put the bowl containing the chocolate mixture into the water and cover it. Your cake will be ready with the steam of the water. Let it be like 20-25 minutes and you will see it’s ready!


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