Bangalore Potholes are the more famous than our Bangalore Palace Fort. The main transport of Bangalore via Roads are being unsatisfactory matter to all Bangaloreans.

People are struggling more issues in case of potholes. And we even know, this is our Monsoon season and there is no lacking in terms of rain also.

Bengaluru development minister G Paramweshwara on Wednesday claimed 94% potholes in the city have been filled.

Number of Potholes Identified

 Announcing the status of BBM’s hole clearance price across the city. He says Palike has filled 14,299 of the 15,239 holes identified.
Among the BBM zones, Yelahanka reports the maximum potholes with 3902, followed by South Zone 3045, East 2422, West 663 Bommanahalli 1836
RR nagar 1587, Dasarahalli 945 and Mahadevapura 839
The 940 holes which need to be filled are in Yelahanka 40, Dasarahalli 40 West Zone 35,East 159,South 135, RR Nagar 68, Bommanahalli 125 and Mahadevapura 338.

Newly filled Pothole Durability

Not only the matter of filling the potholes but also the durability matters. I recently passed across through Whitefield road where the holes were being filled. By the next week, I came across to the same place but the pothole wasn’t the same. The situation remains like that it need be filled again.

Similarly, Milind tweets says the strongest words against the BBMP works.

Meanwhile,when we are talking about holes people of Bangalore start saying about roads also. A tweet replied to P C Mohan by Hari Babu made us to think about this even.



On a very concern on our country even Red FM also played there part of role by raising voice about potholes in Mumbai. Check out this awesome video which tells the drastic feel of every Indian.


Many commuters are, however , not convinced as they say the actual number of potholes will be more. Doddanekundi Rising on Twitter responded to Parameshwara’s claim: : Mahadevapura zone hasn’t fixed a single pothole in the last 3 months.
Something massively wrong with the data for Mahadevapura . Please do a spot inspection


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