Big Boss – Niveditha Gowda, like thousands across the world, had taken up the #Kiki Challenge and posted its video on Instagram. A severe backlash later, the reality television star deleted the post.

Kannada Sangatanegala Okkoota having lodged a complaint against her at Halasuru Gate police station.

Nagesh Statement Made On Nivedita

Nagesh, one of the office bearers of the Okkoota has filed the complaint. “Nivedita, being a celebrity, should refrain from posting such videos and provoking her followers to take up the life-threatening challenge. We request the police department to take action against her for posting this video on social media,” Nagesh has stated in the complaint.

Nivedita Summoned By Halasuru Gate Police

Reportedly, the 20-second video which took in Mysuru, Niveditha’s hometown. Halasuru Gate police have forwarded the complaint to their traffic counterpart. “Nivedita will be summon by Halasuru Gate traffic police as her video post despite a warning by the Bengaluru traffic police advising the public to refrain from accepting such challenges by dancing while a car is on the move,” said an officer attached to the Halasuru Gate traffic police.

Nivedita Response

“Actually I didn’t know that challenge have been banned in other states, if I knew that, wouldn’t have posted that video on Instagram. I don’t know why some people are making it a big issue, I am not the only one who uploaded this video. Before me, many others had uploaded their #KikiChallenge videos. Why haven’t cases have register against them,” asks Nivedita

Across the south of India, actors have indeed taken to the challenge with enthusiasm. Regina Cassandra and Adah Sharma had uploaded their videos, as did Pranitha Subhash, whose video ends on a funny note. She can be seen jumping out of the car and dancing as the car speeds up, leaving the actor running behind to catch up.

“I just shot the video as I found the challenge interesting and I have taken precautions before shooting the video. And also have not disturbed the public or traffic on the road. The car was moving slowly and I request people not to try out dangerous stuff without taking safety measures. I would like to say one thing, I will not repeat such things in the future. Also request people not to follow anything blindly,” she added.

G Parameshwara reacts to BM story on the challenge

Retweeting the BM report on #KikiChallenge on August 1, Deputy Chief Minister G Parameshwara tweeted, “We have nothing against social media fads as long as they don’t become a public nuisance and put the lives of people at risk. Don’t take up challenges on roads, which can harm you as well as others. Parents should sensitize their children about these dangers & keep a close watch.” Meanwhile, Bengaluru City Police, in its official Twitter handle, said: “If you dance for #KikiChallenge on the roads, We’re sure of making you dance behind the bars! Kiki Challenge may get you a kick of law not kick off dance.”


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