Drones Over Your Head In Bangalore

Drones are been famous for capturing videos. I remember that I only see drone when I step into a marriage. But now drones are being uses for civic improment also.

Pilot project launch for drones to watch over crowd behaviour, vehicular traffic in the city; agriculture and urban development in districts under the ambit too

Bengaluru is all set to have drones for police civic operations. On Thursday, a pilot project of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) with demonstrative applications in three specific areas of governance had been launch. The drones using by police for civic operations, agriculture and urban development in Karnataka.

Omnipresent Robot Tech will implement the pilot project in a week in Bengaluru. The drones, as per DGCA norms, can fly up, to 200 feet above ground level. They contains with cameras ranging from 20 to 20.4 megapixel

Real Time Monitoring

In Bengaluru, these drones will be using for real-time crowd monitoring and surveillance, as well as vehicular traffic surveillance and management. The pilot project will be carrying out in the city over three months.

The implementation of the project been coordinates by the police “For police civic operations in Bengaluru. We will initially deploy two drones and plan to scale up based on the demand. The drones can be used for monitoring crowd behaviour during an event and for traffic management. To detect vehicle speed, traffic violations and number plate recognition,” said Aakash Sinha, CEO, Omnipresent Robot Tech.

Drones Over Your Head In Bangalore, DronesIn Haveri district, the drone project will have applications in agriculture. In Kasaba Hobli, drones will be using to cover an area of 200 sq km to assess the crop acreage, crop types, crop health and yield estimation.

Similarly, a drone project for urban development will be taken up in Bantwal town. It covers an area of 60 sq km to prepare a detailed base map to provide input for a master plan for systematic and scientific town planning.

“The government has made a grant provision of Rs 2.50 crore for implementation of these projects,” said KJ George, IT and BT, Science and Technology at the launch.



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