Errors in Elementary School Text Books At Kindergarten

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Parents who send their children to the Kindergarten section of a popular school chain have found dozens of errors in English and General Knowledge books their kids are taught from.

The school authorities, when asked to rectify the errors, said that the corrections would be made in the books for the next academic year.

“These are basic errors which are ever identifing by the teachers. If it was an error or two, we could have rectified them by ourselves.

But what do we do in a situation when books of two major subjects have errors all over them?” asked a distraught mother.

D Shashi Kumar says, “Most private schools use self-published books that are substandard and not at par with NCERT standards. He is the principal of Blossoms School and general secretary, Associated Management of Private Un-Aided English Medium School in Karnataka. As a result, the children suffer as the schools remain ignorant.”

And ignorant they will remain if a duck calls as an animal instead of a bird.

A lizard is terms as an insect instead of a reptile, as these kindergarten textbooks are did.

Parents Compromising On Child’s Education

“This is the time when the base of knowledge is forming. We are compromising on our child’s education after paying the fees and are the silent sufferers of negligence ”. The parents says that the books are hardly are with students to take back home. Hence, rarely do parents get the chance to go through the books. Last week, when the English and GK books were handover to students after two months of classes, the parent have come across the blunders.

However, the school authorities said, “We have rectified the errors already and have distributed stickers with the corrections to all branches of our schools. It have already taken care of.”

The education department will look into the matter though. “I have forwarded these mistakes to the director of the Department of State Educational Research and Training (DSERT)”. says Shalini Rajneesh. She is the principal secretary, education department.

The ministry of human resource development is working towards setting a curriculum for kindergarteners. “If this is implemented, all schools will have to follow a fixed set of rules and such mistakes will be avoided,” pointed out Kumar.

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