Metro Art Center and Boulevard Fitted With 25 High-Resolution Cameras

Metro Station MG Road, Rangoli Art Center
Romance has left the building. The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL) staff would declare once the process of installing 25 high-resolution cameras at the Rangoli Art Center and Namma Metro Boulevard is over. 
While the step starts for security, “the boulevard is also causing trouble because of couples who create a nuisance here. The cameras will ensure that the public can use the boulevard for walking. They come here to relax,” said a BMRCL employee at the Rangoli Art Center. “A majority of the 25 cameras are being fitted at the Boulevard.
This step is being taken because robbers attacked and robbed a woman for her gold chain he explained.

Women attack at Rangoli Art Center

On July 1, a dagger-wielding robber had attacked a woman was with her twins at the kids’ play area at Namma Metro’s Rangoli Art Center. She has stabbed and robbed of her gold chain. The accused had then jumped over the railings and ran across MG Road. Hearing the victim’s screams, five people had tried to stop him, but the accused had attacked them with the dagger. He nabs near the KC Das outlet on Church Street. They identified the accused as a 28-year-old Mohammed Dastagir alias Dattu from Sarabande Palya. He is a habitual offender and has over 15 cases registered against him at various police stations.
The operator says it would bring immediate alert if in case of any unfortunate event to the notice of the jurisdictional Cubbon Park police. The cameras will also bring a sense of security to parents arriving with their children to the kids’ playing area
After the incident, Cubbon Park police had instructed the BMRCL authorities to restrict public entry into the elevated boulevard of the Rangoli Metro Art Center after 7 pm. Security guards used by the BMRCL vacate the Boulevard of visitors after 7 pm. There are barricades to deter entry from Anil Kumble Circle and from near the MG Road metro station at night. They bar even entry to the ground floor of the Art Center after 7 pm, forcing pedestrians to walk on the street or use the pavement on the opposite side of the road.
“The main server of  25 cameras will be at the Art Center’s office. The staff and the security guards will watch the recordings. In case of any adverse incident, it would bring the matter to the notice of the jurisdictional Cubbon Park police. The cameras will also bring a sense of security to parents coming with their children to the kids’ playing area,” the BMRCL employee added.


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