Dropout Survey In Villages By Education Department

We know our Eductaion System in India. Dropout has become more common in every state. Mainly concentrating of Karnataka.

The Department of Education (Primary and Secondary) has conducted a fresh survey. At the panchayat level to find out the exact number of children who have left schools midway. The department has asked all grama panchayats across the state to conduct Children Grama Sabha on November 14 to discuss the issue.

According to the Unified District Information System for Education (U-DISE) enrolment data from Karnataka, 1,09,28,854 children got enrolled in schools in 2016 (We basis this data on teachers’ report).

But, according to the Human Resource Development ministry, the projected population in the 6-17 age group was 1,26,95,148. This means 17,66,294 children are out of school.

Sarva Siksha Abhiyan Controversy

Every year, data collected by Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) and the Department of Primary and Secondary Education create a controversy over the number of children are out of school.

Many non-profit organizations, who are working at the grassroots level, say these numbers are wrong and submit their own data. On multiple occasions, the issue went to the High Court.

Now, learning from the experiences, a gram panchayat-wise list of dropouts from school. They will compare children with the list during 2017-18 to verify the credentials.

We will start  necessary measures to bring ‘out-of-school’ children back to schools once they collect the data – A senior official


A senior official said, “We will start necessary measures to bring ‘out-of-school children’ back to schools once the data they collect the data.”

Officials also said this survey will focus on children between 6 and 14 age group. Now that the Students Achievement Tracking System (SATS) is also present, they will compare the data with that.



Education has become the most essential part of this generation. Never make your child dropout by school. Be literate and make your children also literate.


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