Nandi Hills & Muthathi Being Closed On New Year Eve

Nandi Hills and Muthathi are the two favorite getaways of Bengalureans. It will remain close to revelers on New Year’s Eve to avoid untoward incidents.

While Nandi Hills is located off the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) road. Muthathi is on the banks of the Cauvery river in Mandya district. While there have been cases of people falling off the cliff in Nandi Hills. Alse there have been cases of inebriated revellers drowning in the river near Muthathi.

Chikkaballapura superintendent of police Karthik Reddy said they have banned entry of visitors for the past 10 years and also this year too. They report “ Though nothing untoward in the recent past, we don’t want to take chances. It will avoid the pressure on the road leading,” he said.

No Entry For People And Vehicle Also

The ban on visitors will be in effect from 4pm on December 31 to 8am on January 1. “Nobody will be allowed to enter Nandi Hills and all vehicular movement has been banned,” he added.

He said the Nandi Hills road is quite narrow at some stretches and has hairpin bends and the probability of accidents is high. Reddy said, “We have also asked people not to allow bookings in cottages on Nandi Hills.”


He has also imposed a ban on consuming alcohol in public places during New Year Eve celebrations. He has issued directions to cops to fine people riding twowheelers and other vehicles under the influence of alcohol. Action will be taken against CL2 and CL9 licence holders if they violate their deadlines of 10.30pm and 11.30pm respectively.

Reddy said: “Those who want to party in large numbers can approach the respective police jurisdiction for permission. Further, if they want to supply liquor, they have to take permission from the excise department, otherwise, strict action will take against people who violate the rules.”


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