Facebook Post Guided Police To Arrest The Victim

Everyone love posting in Facebook and to show up the world what exactly we are doing and how enjoyful it is. By this somehow we are provided all the details to someone by knowingly and unknowingly.

Uploading photos of his stay in a fancy resort on Facebook proved to be a thief’s undoing, landing him in police net.

Anand, a 23-year-old from Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh. He had stolen a debit card from the doctor he was employed with and withdrawn Rs 20,000 from the account.

The investigation revealed he had also stolen 480g of gold worth Rs 11 lakh from another employer in the past.

Anand had been working as a driver in the doctor’s household for a year. He had gained trust of the family members, who had no inkling that all he wanted was to make a quick buck. Trusting him blindly, the doctor often gave him his debit card and shared the PIN to withdraw money for him. In December 2018, Anand stole the debit card and withdrew the cash. The doctor searched for the card but didn’t suspect the driver.

To celebrate the New Year, Anand took three days of leave and went to Ooty, and uploaded a few photos of his stay in a resort. Though the doctor was Anand’s Facebook friend, he didn’t give much thought to the former’s post.

Family Suspected His Luxury

However, his family members raised suspicion, wondering how Anand could afford the stay and saying they often found money to be missing from the house. This caused the doctor to file a complaint with Koramangala police.

Bank Transaction As A Google Map

On verifying the doctor’s bank transactions, police got to know he had withdrawn the cash from an ICICI Bank ATM in Koramangala. Cops checked the CCTV footage, which confirmed that Anand was the culprit.

After the trip, an unsuspecting Anand reported back to work as usual but was immediately arrested. He confessed to the crime.

Further probe revealed that Anand had even stolen gold from another employer and was building a house in his hometown.

“We suspect he operated alone and may have been involved in other theft cases too. We have handed him over to judicial custody,” said a police officer.

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