Man Had Fall From 40 Ft Height Above Without Checking The Lift Arrival

Hospital in Frazer Town

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall from 40 Ft above. Our generation have completely changed and things may turn put differently when you don’t give an importance to it and .

As in Frazer town, a 47 Old Man had his spine broken and legs fractured when the lift door opened on the fourth floor but there was no sign of lift car; without noticing anything he walked in to plunge 40 Ft and land on top of the lift car which was still stuck on the ground floor.

The victim called P Barthalom, a resident of Chikkabyrathi in Kothanur. The incident happened at the Meridian Medical Centre located at Standage road at Fraser Town. Barthalom’s father Phillip, 74, was admitted in the hospital on January 16 due to some illness and was being treated on the fourth floor.

The victim, who was the his father during the admission process, went home and returned to the hospital the next day and that’s when the incident happened.

History of the Incident

Barthalom used the lift to go to the fourth floor. The doctor examining his father gave him a prescription asking him to get the medicine. He summoned the lift by pressing the lift button. The victim has claimed that after he pressed, the doors opened and assuming that the lift car was there, he stepped in and fell inside the lift well from a height of 40 feet. An officer made the statement based on Barthalom’s.

After hearing the sound, the hospital staff pulled him out from the lift door on the first floor of the hospital

However, Imran, the hospital’s HR Manager, blamed Barthalom for the incident. “After he pressed the lift door button, the lift car which was on the ground floor did not come up as the lift doors on the ground floor

Doctor’s Advice

Doctor advise you to avoid the lift and take the stairs for the sake of our heart. But after these lift related accident in Fraser Town, you might start heeding their advice for your overall well being.

The Pulakeshinagar police have registered a case of causing grievous hurt by act endangering life or personal safety of others under section 338 of the Indian Penal Code.

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