Tenant Planned A Fire Incident For Asking Rent

Tenant and Owner relationship is present since by begining and still stay so. Paying rent is a monthly headache come responsible for everyone in Bangalore

Here’s a story of mysterious couple who plays a well planned fire incident for owner’s rented shop instead of rent pay.

Couple stopped paying rent to landlord and when he went to court, set fire to the shop to settle scores; thankfully, nobody was hurt in the incident

It turns out that a minor fire incident reported in December at a commercial complex in the busy 9th cross lane of Chamrajpet was actually the handiwork of the tenant – and he did this, along with his wife, to settle scores with the owner.

Chamrajpet police are on the lookout for the couple and are confident that the duo will be arrested soon. And had it not been for the CCTV camera, the owner and the police would have never known how or why the fire started

Entire Story

Story starts thus 2017, owner has rented out his shop to Mr. Misrilal and Indiradevi at Geetha Complex in Chamarajapet 9th Lane.

Photo Shared By Owner Dilip Kumar

However, after 5 months of agreement, Misrilal stops paying the rent. Kumar alleges that they also would create a ruckus in the building. Hence, he compels the couple to vacate the shop.

When couples refudes to do so, Kumar was forced to file a small case. As favour to couples, the court also gave a month’s time to vacate the shop. In the meantime, Dilip Kumar (Owner) had a taken a family trip to Rajasthan for 10 days. In this time, Dilip got a sad news saying the shop got fire and thankfully, no one was injured.

After returning back, he had a look a CCTV clips.

Secret Reveal

For his utter shock, he saw the cause of fire incident was Mr. Misrilal and Indiraveni.

The CCTV footage shows, around 9.30 PM Indiraveni switched off the lights and wait for her husband to arrive. Once he arrives, he emerge down to shutter to lock the door and immediately, smoke starts emanating from the shop. He then locks the door and walk towards his scooter and look for the keys.

He seems fumbling for keys (he probably left inside the shop) and then he pushes the scooter and fade away from CCTV Clip.

Footage Has Been Recorded

Within a minute, one of their relatives arrives at the scene and alert regarding the fire caught.

Their act has been recorded in the CCTV… His main intention was to claim insurance money. I’ve been in business for over 30 years but have never come across an incident like this. If the fire had spread to the other buildings, it would have caused widespread damage and also claimed many lives

Dilip Kumar – Building Owner

Kumar also says that the couple has shifted some important stuffs as prior to setting the fire to the shop and only some were left inside

Chamarajapet police have registered a case under section 436 for using fire/explosive with the intent to destroy the building against Misrilal and his wife and looking for them.


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