5 Different Types Of Women’s Handbags That Everyone Should Own

While bags are an essential element to complete the looks, they are much more an essential element to own for various needs rather than just style

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Well, ladies out there, try to be honest!

Follow celebrities and their fashion trends?

What exactly? Dresses, hairstyles?

And, what about bags?

How many varieties of handbags are stuffed in your closet? Plenty may be, right?

While bags are an essential element to complete the looks, they are much more an essential element to own for various needs rather than just style.. Agree?

Okay, and then let’s just move on!

So, here are the different types of women’s handbags that you must own. Definitely will come handy no matter what occasion you’re heading for.

Leather Satchel

Working lady? This can be your perfect accompaniment! This type of bags often comes in a medium or large, with an ability to hold a lot of stuff- literally! On top of that, the blend of leather to the design and patterns of the bags quite really holds the sophisticated looks.

Something to note here- try to avoid light beige or white. It may be your personal favorite but once your bag attracts a good amount of dirt, the stains will be clearly visible.


The handiest piece! While the day clutch can be your perfect partner when you don’t have much to carry, at the same time, the evening clutch completes your look when heading for a party.

So, what makes this basic difference? The day clutch is more related to provide you with simple looks, with simple pattern and designs. And, again you’ve some of the chic versions of the evening clutch categories.

Whatever it may be, clutches are not that priced and so you always get a chance to experiment with the different styles and designs.


This is my personal favorite! I love the freedom and liberty that comes along with it. The liberty to move your hands any way you want without the need of carrying something. Just hang it around and you’re good to go!

The straps are quite sturdy and adjustable too. So, no matter what’s the size of your body or the length- it fits perfectly.

Now, when coming to the functionality, don’t expect much from it… you wanted a bag that is rather trendy. This type of bag is generally small in size. You get the bigger versions too but they can give you feeling like a teenager or a school going girl- got it what I mean here?

Shoulder Bags

Another thing that I like to add to my list! No need to carry on your hands. Carry it on your shoulder and you can even run taking it around. Leather or any other material that you want- just get it from the plethora of designs available online and offline.

The range of such bags depends on the flexibility of your budget.. That’s right! You get the cheap versions as well as the expensive ones.


Totes are highly professional and give you polished looks. While choosing a bag always depends on your necessity, a leather tote, canvas or a lightweight one makes it easy for you to select.

So, be it your casual day outing or a more sophisticated approach for your office, totes can be the perfect workhorse!

Which is your favorite one? Do let us know below!


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